Over the past few months I have been hitting the reset button from a training perspective. It’s the 5 of May and I do not have my races planned or my training routine set. Today I decided to start a log with diet comments, training logs and general commentary about the state each day to push me into focusing my efforts in a more targeted way.


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  1. I'll comment on your post, because I'm not sure know how to post.
    I ran 4 miles this morning. It was a nice way to start the day. I saw deer and heard something off to the side of the trail. Not sure what it was because it was still dark.
    I'm going to go by the schedule you gave me last year Lee for marathon training.
    I'll be doing the Chesty Puller 10K in June and I have a 50 mile bike ride this Saturday.
    I try to eat healthy also because I seem to feel any extra pounds while doing my longer runs.


  2. Great idea. Postings will give each of us something to gauge our progress by as well as a needed jump-start. This winter has been a bear and one we’re still trying to shake off.
    I've never been much into the dieting side of training. I guess I eat health as a matter of lifestyle. But I am getting on in the years so it may be something to think about.
    I have ½ of my summer / fall races scheduled but have lost most of my regular running buds. The marathon training group I trained with for the last 5 years from April – October, went in a different direction this year due to a new coach. The new program is not user friendly when it comes to schedules. I’m planning to do more road races this summer to make up for the loss of group runs.


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