Taping into My Drive


Summer 2007 Fighting Bulldogs Triathalon 131

What drives me?

The Alternative I’m not totally sure why exactly but when I am off my weekly routine of workouts, to and up from bed early then I feel in poor health, cranky, irritable and listless. Is it to Get Fit Then? I do recognize then that staying fit contributes to a better mental attitude, less stress, being more upbeat, and experiencing the “great workout feeling” on a regular basis. So maybe…that would be the simplest answer. How about stepping out of my Comfort Zone? Some of the races are a huge undertaking, in fact, some may seem impossible at first. That said; every time I step outside out of my comfort zone and accomplish something new, I grow stronger and become more self-confident. There is suffering involved here not to mention the mental anguish. Is it the prospect of meeting New Friends? The running, biking and triathlon communities are a positively focused group of high energy athletes. It’s hard not to become inspired or to gain confidence when in and among this community. The Bulldogs, Lunchtime Run / Bike group and the RWB community all have been an awesome group to know and go with. How about the Sense of Accomplishment? There’s nothing more rewarding than accomplishing a large goal you set for yourself. Running a marathon or completing a Triathlon are some of the largest physical challenges you can set for yourself. I equate the day I finished my first Triathlon and Marathon with some of the more important milestone / achievements in my life. Or is it to Inspire Others? I have come to realize that some of my actions impact others on a daily basis. Even when I think what I do doesn’t make a difference, I realize what people choose to discuss with me often has to do with their own fitness objects. I don’t choose to marathon to inspire others to do something they thought was too tough or impossible but in some small ways it may. If others see me train and hear about when I cross that finish line, someone may follow my lead and start running, biking and or swimming. I know that my efforts inspire my wife, daughters and Marine Brothers which for me is a true motivator. Then what is my Drive? Yesterday I ran 24 Miles..out onto Parker River Reservation.. Long quiet roads in some of the most beautiful coastal areas in New England. All along the way I had conversations with myself and others who have impacted my life. I saw signs in nature that made me reflect on important matters and nonsense issues all at the same time. I chewed out a good friend who took his own life for not calling me for help and later laughed at what I imagined the cranes, caterpillars and swans were messaging to me. Perhaps my drive is all or none of the above… but taping into myself, my life and the world around me might be the drive? This is something I am going to have to think about on the next Run…


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