Going to the Well


The well builds on the day’s you don’t feel like working out ……

It’s 5:30 AM and I’m using a headlamp to light the roadway and two red blinkers to keep me from being run over by traffic. I have to make up for the Weds Thus off days so the target is 8 Miles today.

6:00 AM rolling now on back country roads and feeling very smooth now that I have my breathing in rhythm.. looks like the well is full and I’m drawing deep on confidence and energy… Feeling like a Ferrari and ready to test out the new fitness levels that seem to be available to me this cold Autumn morning.

The well delivers and I smoking the roadway stretching the 8 to 9.3… Ya Baby!!
days like this are few and far between but when they come about they really feel awesome..

Formula = Early Bedtime + Hammer Nutrition Drink + and a need to Roll =  Sweet Day


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