I’m No Rinny…


You’d think I’d be happy to have finished the Marathon after all those long runs in the heat up and down the hills in West Newbury..but I have been feeling a little flat about the run.  After watching this years Hawaii Ironman and specifically the amazing effort of the Australian Mirinda ‘Rinny’ Carfrae who pulled back a 14:30 deficit after T2 to win was absolutely amazing.  Logically, I know who she is (pro, 2x Kona Champion) and who I am (Bow legged, Ding Toed Age Grouper) but I wanted to feel that power in this race and push with that drive…and to finish knowing I had emptied the can. I think the problem is I didn’t know I’d feel that way until the race was over.  It did appear I was spent when I crossed the line from the footage…so I could be misremembering the finish…who know I will try to dig deeper into it later to understand what is the matter here.

Took it easy this week in anticipation of the upcoming training plan.  Feet are in recovery from bruising ….


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