Workouts for Thursday / Friday November 06, 7

Workouts for Thursday, November 06
#1:   Type: Bike
Planned Duration: 1:15
Description: warm up
3 x 5 min build each minute, at the end of 5 minutes, go back to a very easy spin, then build again

3 x 15 minutes
5 minutes favorite gear, cadence 90, RPE 7 (effort 7 out of a max of 10)
5 min same gear, increase cadence to 92-93
5 min easy spin, RPE 5

3 x 5 min reversing the warm up
1 min mod-hard effort, get easier minute by minute, repeat with the last interval last 4 min easy spin
Pre-Activity Comments:

#2:  45′ oxidative
Type: Run
Planned Duration: 0:45
Description: 45′ steady run
HR 130-140
again, this might feel easy– good
There is going to be a lot of work in this zone, building durability and an even more extensive infrastructure of blood vessels and energy makers
Pre-Activity Comments:

Your Workouts for Friday, November 07
#1:  off
Type: Day Off
Pre-Activity Comments:


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