Coach Sue


It took years for me to admit I needed a coach.  I think it was a combination of taking on more than I could imagine getting prepared for (IronMan Lake Placid 2015) and being scared out of my freakin mind at the thought of what I would have to go through pre-race that pushed me to began my search for a Coach/Shrink/Triathlete/ to help guide me with this mission.

Sue is a BPC Level 2 Coach with over 25 years of experience in sport, coaching, and education.  Her bio states that she began coaching masters swimming at age 19, when she was a swimmer at Tufts University.  She has a Ph.D. in Sport and Exercise Psychology from Springfield College, which will come in handy as she tries to keep this insane age grouper from self destructing through the long months of training on the road to my 1st Ironman.  So far it is the best move I have made in a while…

Honestly, I had researched and interviewed a number of coaches before deciding that it might work or not.  After speaking with a few I came away feeling they either were not going to give me the time of day, did not have the interest in me personally but more importantly I felt a distance.  When I contacted Sue she closed the gap right away and suggested we meet for coffee.  She’d done a little on line research about my past race history which gave me the impression that she was paying attention to me..We met for coffee and in 10 minutes I was sure that this could work if I could learn to follow her instructions and give her what she asks then this could work for sure.


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