Coaching Session – Hey how you doin?


Not being familiar with the process, I journeyed into my 1st conference call style coaching session with a few written questions and a sense of dread for not knowing the expected outcome.  My 1st obvious question was, “How am I doing”? which you’d think I should know above all others because I monitor me every day.  What was I looking for by asking the question?  Validation, praise, encouragement…I think it was more a if you tell me I’m a rock star I’ll think your blowing smoke and if you say I’m a hopeless wreck then you have not been paying attention.  The answer was simple.. “Hey, I like working with you” .. simple and direct…which interestingly enough is all that was required.. I have not gotten to the place in my training process where any significant assessment is warranted.  Just do my job and stick to the plan and trust the science that the long range plan will create an aerobic base that will sustain me throughout the IM. Stop looking for the pat on the back…  you don’t respond well to them anyway.. The outcome.. create the habits that will make the workload routine.


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