Base Training

range One of the hardest concepts I am trying to get my head wrapped around is the concept of base training. It not intuitive to me from a running and biking standpoint but strangely enough doesn’t bother me on the swim part of my training.  I suspect it is because I don’t have an ego around the swim.  Slowing myself down on the run or bike in order to gain performance later in the season feels an equation that doesn’t add up at first.  Intellectually, I do accept and believe the concept …because I trust and have faith in Coach Sue…so like a Pvt. to a Drill instructor I say Sir yes Sir! and will get it done.   It has been very difficult regulating my level of training to match the target time, speed and pace. My hope and aim is find the discipline to train aerobically now, and not worry about everyone else that is hammering away gaining speed in the hopes that it will pay off for my long runs down the road.  I have come to realize my ego is the barrier.  I know I can go faster so my ego tells me to push.  When I went to Paris Island I knew nothing about shooting a rifle and had no idea if I could learn to shoot well enough to save my life.  I paid attention to the DI’s in the shooting huts, did exactly what was asked (like I had a choice) and became an expert with both the rifle and pistol.  They taught me the BRASS System, Breath, Relax, Aim (at your target), Squeeze (back the trigger), Slowly.  For this training period I will also use the BRASS System….Breath, Relax, Aim at the HR target, Squeeze back the pace until your on the target, keep it Steady.  Yes Coach Sue is my new D.I.


One thought on “Base Training

  1. Note from the coach : Great updates the past few days–

    First of all, I am so thrilled about the swim and the shoulder feeling alright– good stuff! if you get some video sooner that we can get together, I’d love to take a look at it for the next series of targets

    Secondly, I love the blog share– I’ve had the military haircut for a while, but to be compared to life-shaping leaders is both an honor and a privilege. I like the BRASS acronym– that is apt and has relevance for this whole process– and it is hard to let go of benchmarks you’ve held yourself to, in order to reach a bigger goal– stopping racing up hills in order to climb mountains

    Great week for you too– I think the rhythym is falling into tune!
    Thank you,


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