Izzy’s Letter to Shelly the Christmas Elf

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The letter above is a note from my daughter to Shelly the Elf on a shelf that visits us during the days before Christmas.  Each day Shelly moves to a new location about the house and commits pranks that amuse Izzy each morning.  Listed below is Shelly’s response to Izzy’s letter…Enjoy.

Shelly’s Response:Elf

Dear Izzy,
First let me say that I really Love being in your home at Christmas and Hanukah. Your family is so nice to let me stay and play pranks on all of you. To answer your question about does it hurt to hide in some of the places I hide…No way! I can hide in just about anything and it feels good when I see everyone laughing at some of my pranks. One of the reasons I hide the way I do is to watch if you are being good so that I can report it back to Santa.   My favorite thing to eat is Oatmeal Cookies and Milk. If you leave them out I will love it..but be sure that Daddy doesn’angelt know because that seems to be his favorite too.  I think the jingle bell carolers Rock the House Baby!! They really have some cool dance moves too… The new Christmas Tree Angel looks so awesome…she told me that she loves her new outfit and will make it a very special Christmas for everyone because while you all are sleeping… LooLoo will Love my songs and may dance with me all night long. She likes to roll over on her back and dance with her legs in the air.. I think it is so funny I almost fell out of the glass the other day…  Thanks for letting me use your computer to write this letter.. I had to hop from key to key because the letters are so big. It was so much fun … I used my tushy to make a space..  I know all the other Elves in Newburyport and in Amesbury too. They are all my friends and we sometimes get together during the summer and go to Camp Elve…it in the North Pole where we learn things like hiding and cool tricks and pranks… On time I tucked a sheet up at the top part of Lemons bed then folded it at the middle and tucked it in so when Lemon tried to get into the bed he couldn’t…hehehehehe it was great! We all laughed…  Thanks for the cool letter Izzy.. I think I have the best kid to watch in the whole world…   Be good   Love Shelly


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