Running under a Honey Moon

Yellow moon
It’s 05:30 on a cold dark 23 degree March (feels like 10) morning in New England.  If that isn’t enough to make it sound inviting the 15-20 mile an hour winds, snow pack and black ice make this mornings run a Epic battle Man vs Elements… Started out the door this morning red blinkers flashing, neon clad, head lamp blazing, wind howling like a freight train.. I gasped out loud to the run God …  Come on Dude…Really?  All the voices in my head were screaming go back inside and get under the covers but instead I choose to run with the wind outbound towards the Joppa Flats seacoast.  Boy did I pay a big paycheck on the way back.. at times almost stopped dead in my tracks against the wind.  My knees took a beating from the shear cold and …no that’s about it … shear freakin cold joints… My HR was up a bit due to heavy breathing (not the creepy kind) into my cupped hands that were covering my face and forehead to thaw them out,,  So why does anyone do this without having a gun pointed at their heads??  I guess we believe there is always a bonus in life’s little challenge days…  Today’s Bonus – A Sweet Hot Shower waiting for me on finish…  Ran the hot water tank till it ran cool…  Good Day  Oh, forgot to mention the Honey Moon that accompanied my run… Why does the moon look yellow at times?   I read somewhere that in some parts of the country the increased moisture in the air increases haze and the moon seems even more amber-colored than white.  I was thinking the Moon was telling me “Hey we both are not too bright to be out here today Bud”  But as always the morning sun rose above the coastline and the yellow moon faded as the cold blue sky whispered “You made it another day”  … I will remember this day on those warm summer morning .. Bonus #2


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