Running in the State of Distain

labThis is our yellow lab, LooLoo who had been my loyal running partner up to the start of this year’s Ironman training.  My runs are too long for her now  and I’m uncomfortable for anything beyond 5 or 6 miles for her.  She is enjoys an early morning run through the State Park and especially loves diving in the ponds, mud holes or snow banks along the trail.  As I sneak down the back stairs at 5:30 AM trying to execute an escape out the back door … I am always surprised by the figure planted against the door looking up.  “Can I go, Can I go”…  Talk about motivation.  I wish I had her relentless desire to get on out there and get it done… Rain, snow, bitter cold, heat…you name it she is ready for ACTION!  I will return to my run buddy soon.. but until then I must suffer and run in the state of distain from my loyal run-mate.


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