Riding with a Wing Man

road_bikingYes, there are days when it is nice to break out for a roll on your bike, free with no one but your own thoughts to accompany you…  but let me tell you on those long 70+ mile, 4 hours or more weekenders there is nothing like riding with a good wing man.  Today’s ride out to the end of the Parker River Reservation and then up along the coast from Newburyport Ma to Portsmouth NH was a roll-a-baloosa.  Another thing that comes as a plus for riding with a BIG BOY as a wing-man…is he makes a great draft so you feel like your in the cradle and rolling like butter on a hot muffin.  Thanks Big Mike Siciliano for showing up at 7 am to help roll through our morning ride pushing up the sunrise and cutting through the morning mist along coastal route north.  You made the ride fun (taking selfies at 20 MPH) and interesting (your knowledge of turkey’s is second to none) as the time pissed away… you pushed when you were tired and engaged in the blood lust hunt of any rider that come in sight.  You are the wing mans wingman…  Thanks


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