In a real pissy mood!

Ya that’s right, I’m Pissy! Not to be confused with a temper tantrum, I’d say the way I’m feeling right now is a few levels lower, but just as juvenile. I got this way because I did not want to go out for this weekends long 4+ hour bike ride on a cold, overcast and windy morning. I’m also pissed at Mother Nature for this unrelenting winter we are having or more accurately the winter-spring (so much for global warming).   I know I’m in a mood and common sense tells me to allow myself the mood I’m in, but I get paralyzed when I’m in this state and start to shut down. So even though I was fully dressed, bike to the ready, I turned around and had to go back to bed for an hour with a pillow over my face to hide from the world but more so from myself. I have a hard time dealing with myself when I am in a pissy mood- Once I recognize my state I have to allow myself to just be Pissy… then I can move passed it and get to a place where I can say, “Cut the Crap! Get the hell up, get going and get it done”, I know this mood won’t stop until you do …then like magic, slowly the pissy me turns back into thesis me, me”. (Some might argue they are the same but I know there is a difference). So much so I can feel it in my face when my mood changes, a gift I learned from reading the faces of my daughters. “The Eyes are the window to your soul” ― William Shakespeare…But for me the mug is the window to the mood.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could take the knowledge we already have (ie, knowing this pissy mood will get you no where) and just friggin avoid it altogether? Yea. Too bad it doesn’t work that way. I’ve just kind of had one of those days…no make that week. I find that the mood moves along much quicker than when I try not to manage it, so although hiding in my bed for an hour might seem like retreat it is a method I have found of letting a Pissy mood pass by me. It goes without saying that what makes the transition possible is the infinite patience and understanding of my loving wife, family and friends… Thanks you all…


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