Training Day Road Shows

IMG_0464The advantage we get from spending training days out on the road is the unexpected road shows.

The Circle Museum by the side of the road in Austerlitz, New York, was a special surprise that made the time pass as I wandered along the NY & MA state lines.

While on a long training day bike ride through the Berkshires I happened upon a disused body shop. It was a pleasant surprise to witness strange and wonderful sculptures on the lawn of the shop: soaring, abstract swirls of rusted metal; primary-colored shapes framed by trees in the background; giant eagles feathered with individual pieces of iron.

The field behind the Circle Museum

I drove past the yard making my way along Route 22.  The property was surrounded by a low stone wall and a fence made from a single steel cable, the yard contains over a hundred sculptures, jockeying for space around the studio, colonizing the slope behind the old shop up to a shed.  It made me wonder what or who made a living in this way and I spent some time while pedaling along imagining myself piecing together random objects in animal shapes that would certainly make my wife laugh.  I thought, that’s a crazy way to spend the day… and I suppose the sculpture felt the same way about the spandex clad road biker pedaling along his lonesome country road on a sunny Saturday morning.


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