What Holds Us Back?

I read somewhere in a blog ….when approaching any endurance event it isn’t about who you think you are, but it is more about who you think your not.  I am constantly amazed by my brother Marines and their determination to get it done…no matter what the obstacle..  Pictured here are two fine examples of this thinking.. Steve pictured LeftyLeehere in the cast is not someone who ever pictured himself as someone that would be deterred from running a half marathon just because he was sporting a heavy cast for a severed bicep or even running the Marine Corps Marathon this year with a case of Plantar fasciitis   It’s just not in his thinking…  Lee is a typical time crunched triathlete (pictured on the right) BSA Troop leader, father, active in his community is not one to consider it an obstacle to drive all day, get to bed at midnight and up bright and early to run a half marathon in the VA. heat and humidity.  It’s just not how these guys are wired.  So surrounding myself with athletes like this is a constant source of motivation for those of us that wonder if the day to day challenges will knock us out of the game. Oh… I forgot to mention these guys put the word age in the term age grouper..  Thanks Marines.. for helping me to see what you are not…and you are not…ever deterred. Semper Fi


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