The making of a highlight

SwimsnapMy 1st race is  Challenge Quassy June 7th so for me getting into the open water is critical with 2 weeks left before gun time.  Although I did a quick dip a week or two ago it doesn’t count psychologically as a practice for race day.   My training this year has been mostly alone due to time restrictions and poor planning on my part so the thought of getting into the open water alone on an early morning was a worry.  I rolled around during the night and woke determined to get past this self imposed barrier.  I grab my suit and a Bay Watch style (pull buoy) Life guard swimcan and made my way on a cold New England Morning to the lake.  To my surprise two triathletes had just finishing up their swim..  “colder today but calmer  (Kar-Mah as we say it in Boston) than the past few weeks”…  I thought to myself funny cold was what I was worried about stiffening up my muscles but I’d never considered the chop…which should have been a greater concern.   My plan was to supply natures call heat fluid in the suit if the cold got too bad (TMI I know).  I started out and although it was cool by my standards it was not what you’d call shrinkage cold …cold..  Worked through the 1st 1/2 mile trying to get my HR down and get into the flow…hard to do when your heart is pumping like a rocking horse.  Past the mid-point I got into a groove and the day was mine from that point on..  Looked around …took in the beautiful lake and surroundings and it started to come together.  This was a true headache to highlight moment..   Looking forward to getting back in the open water again soon… I’m happy for this small victory today and more so that I did not need to supply my own personal thermal hydo-heat…


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