My race number is 666 ?? Really???

As I get ready for my 1st half of the season “Challenge Quassy” in CT. this coming weekend I am remember the moment last year when my race number caused my confidence to take a sudden downward turn at Quassy.  I stepped through the pre-registration line last season to pick up my number and race package and that’s when it hit me…my number for the race would be 666.  What??  This has to be a joke, they are not going to give 666me the number 666 are they?..  Hell they leave the 13th floor blank in most of the elevators I have ever been on just to keep people from freaking.

Asking myself out loud isn’t 666 a bad luck number??  I need all the luck I can get.  Come on…will ya, your not going to give a guy who is half out of his mind with race anxiety already the number of the Beast are you?  I saw the Omen you know!

Several years ago there was movie titled The Omen. It is the tale of a young boy who is supposed to be the destined “Beast” of Revelation 13. He is depicted as having the birthmark “666” on his scalp which identifies him as the prophesied “man of sin” or the “son of perdition”.  That’s not me..  I’m just an bowed legged / dink toed age grouper (and an old one at that) trying to make it to the finish believe me I don’t want to start any trouble here…


Right about that time the packet lady relied in a very positive and truly convincing manner…666 is a GREAT NUMBER!!!  She then said, are you kidding that’s perfect. Right then I  was looking for any shred of hope to grasp onto and I went with it..  I could not afford to get derailed so soon before the race.

If you have ever raced Quassy you know that the lake is beautiful and the countryside is picturesque and anywhere in New England…The hills however are the beast…when you not going up you are coming down… and I suffered on the back half of the run because I used too much gas through the hills on the bike leg.   The target for me on this day was to finish ( I did) and to kick off my 2014 season.  This runs in May which can be and was still very chilly here is the NE.  The warmest place all day was in the water.

So to answer the question ..  Is Race number 666 lucky or not?  The simple answer is: If you have trained for the challenge, chosen the challenge, want the challenge and followed the race plan there is no number in the world that can keep you from your dream but one… and you are that one.


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