My Wife Made Me Do It!

If your schedule is like mine you swim either very early in the morning before work or after work later in the evening.  Finding any willing partner to swim in a cold lake is not always easy (nearly impossible) at 05:00 AM (totally impossible), so I end up most days going solo which used to make me a little uncomfortable.  To swim can 2minimize my fear (yes, I was a little fraidy-scared) and to appease my wife I invested $50.00 in a Lifeguard Rescue Can…

I suppose you might ask yourself what does a triathlete need with a rescue buoy?  Especially since we are out there swimming for over an hour???  Well..  I guess technically we don’t but being of Scottish heritage I harbor fears of a Loch Ness Monster or Piranha lock nessthat may be lurking about in the passive waters of old Lake Gardner… Not sure what the Swim Can is going to do for me in a battle with Nessy but I never said I was a very rational man..

So today,  I passed a few triathletes in training as I was making my way towards shore on an early morning swim workout.  As I was packing my gear one of the guys approached me to ask about the yellow buoy I was towing.  After a number of questions about comfort, getting tangle in the rope etc., he mentioned that his wife would feel a lot more comfortable if he swam with a buoy and it would be worth the $50 dollars not to listen to her about it..

I provided all the features and benefits for the Spoti Guard Rescue Can like I pinochiowas on commission and then merged into an even longer excuse about my wife’s harping on me about it was the reason for the purchase.  Adding, I know “I” don’t need it…. but if it makes her happy…  then whatever!  …  Did I stop there???   No…and as a bonus I explained,  in a way it kind of helps simulate training when the rope taps my feet it is like a swimmer on your tail!

Boy, I thought to myself … You can really sling the manure when it comes to machismo….As I drove away I laughed to myself thinking what a load of crap that whole “my wife made me do it” story was…  Why couldn’t I just say “hey man… if you want to be safe when you swim alone get yourself a swim can… ya never know what could happen.. right?

So, truth be told when I started the open water swim season this year I was a nervous wreck…it was cold as hell here in New England and the lake was dark and misty.  Not to mention I was alone.  With the Swim Can, it only took all of about 5 minutes for me to relax and stop worrying about an untimely death….  The Swim Can gave me a level of confidence to get out in the lake and it really doesn’t get in my way.  My wife Abby suggested it but, she never really nagged me about it (I made that part up).  Truth is I wouldn’t take chances that would keep me from spending the rest of my days with her so,  I guess knowing that I can truthfully say  “My wife made me do it”.


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