The Get Well Plan is working.

Joppa FlatsStarted out for a long run this morning just after 4 AM wearing a headlight, hydration belt w/gels and red flashers looking like a rolling emergency response vehicle.  My destination was Plum Island and the target distance was 18 miles this  morning before leaving for work.

After a much needed two day family time / mental breakdown rest & recoup period detour I’m back on plan and feeling on track.  Just spending the time to identify the blue mood I was in for the last few days and putting it into words seemed to release its hold on me.  I feel free again and anxious to get through this peak week where as I was dreading it viscerally in the days prior.

It seems that I do a lot of venting in this blog which causes concern among my close friends and family.  I generally get calls or emails of “How ya doin?” or “Are you OK?” support after I spew pre or post workout anxiety (thank you Cheeks Paquette).  Thanks to all of you for your thoughts and concern..  I’ll try to be more aware that others who care about me read this stuff and its not just the inside me talking to the outside me..(Classic Gemini Conversation).

IMG_0466(1)As the sun peeked itself above Joppa Flats (Clam Flats) I could feel (Fergy) my old self coming back to me.  I’d spent the last week in a “cranky me” shell.   I decided I’d stretch today and give myself a few mental miles as money in the bank.  At mile 9 I stretched out another mile or so and back so in my mind I’d added over two miles to my run in the middle of the run if that makes sense at all.

I paid attention to my hydration, nutrition and stayed in the box even though there were runners to chase.  These are all lessons I’ve learned from coach Sue and they have served me well.  Steve, a Marine buddy of mine told me today that after your 20.5 mile run this morning the toughest day is always tomorrow.  That’s his way of saying “keep at it brother, your not there yet”.

My Get well Plan is working..  I caught my cycle down period before I got too far down, I cut myself some slack for being in a blue mood, I focused and prepared for the next day’s session and climbed out bed in the dark and ran till the sun came up like a flaming ball of fire.  I will be ready for tomorrow and I know that will be tough but not as tough as the day after it.


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