What’s my story?

What’s my story?
When you are training regularly those around you know about it and identify those activities with you.  It becomes part of your story.  The personal narrative we tell others defines us in many ways so,  I was thinking today … Does the story I tell others about who I am and why I do what I do every day serve me?  Does my narrative motivate me?

Last weekend during a family get together I was asked how things were going.  I began describing my training schedule over the last few weeks and the impact it was having on me, when he stopped me to ask a simple question “Do you like all this training”?  I guess my story sounded pretty gruesome for him to ask that and it made me aware that the narrative I had been spinning not only sounded bad to him it sounded bad to me also and it was impacting how I felt about it my story.  Sometimes the story has references to ideas and beliefs you developed about yourself years ago that may not have anything to do with who and what your are today.

StorybookI began to review my current story and was reminded of a TED Talk I hear once by Tony Robbins (motivational speaker).  In a nut shell he describes how your narrative colors your state of mind.   “When you change your story, you change your life. People who succeed don’t develop stories about why they can’t do something. Their stories are about how they will achieve their goals, no matter what.

With an empowering story, individuals tend to find effective strategies. To get to that empowering story, however, we have to deal with the final TonyRobbinsand most important element of all… The psychological and emotional state we are in at any moment in time tends to shape our story. We all develop emotional patterns—moods—that filter how we look at our lives. The states we go into most then become the most powerful filter of all.

This filter determines whether or not we find the strategies necessary to succeed and whether or not we come up with a story that will empower us.

Only after your state and story are truly aligned with your desired outcomes can you identify the strategies and make the decisions that will lead you to success. One moment is all it takes: With a new state, a new story and a new strategy, life will never be the same again. Create your breakthrough now!  ……Tony Robbins

I started to re-write my story yesterday and will re-draft it until it fits.  It needs to be one that motivates me and helps drive me forward.  Until then I’m a work in progress….


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