Making waves on Lake Placid


Thirteen days until Ironman Lake Placid and I’m feeling a tide random thoughts washing over me…. None of them really matter or make much sense.

Like do I need a new helmet? And of course new glasses to match- What is the best Rudy Project discount? Of course my helmet is fine…no equipment changes before a race anyway…I couldn’t make a reasonable purchasing decision now if my life depended on it.

Am I ready? I think I am? I hope I am? – Hope I make it out of the swim… the other day you did a 2.5 mile swim session and felt awesome afterwards…but then I was alone.. what about the others? what about swimming with the crowd?? Hold on now…There is not much of a difference between the swim start you had in June and this one.. Hope I don’t get a flat, and my legs hold out for the run. Hey Yo…Take a Chill Pill will ya.. geezzzz

I just watched Jordan Rapp in a YouTube video speaking about how Ironman is Doable… Glad I watch that it helped

snowhouse4Thinking back to last winter and all the days of never ending snow and wind whistling like an Am Track Train stopping you dead in your tracks. Those days were long but the reaming training days are getting shorter.. both seem long right now somehow.
The run…is the one idea that has washed over me the most in the past few days.. I’ll get out of the lake and get through the mountains on the bike.. it’s the run that hasn’t full washed back out yet in my mind… In the final analysis the waves are nowhere near as bad as I thought they’d be thanks all the support I have received from family, friends, coach and co-workers.  Most say I’ll do Ok…  What do I think?

I think if I can apply what I’ve learned, be patient and embrace the journey through hell’s kitchen.. cupcakesKnowing that end of the third course will be DESSERT for me… and I will savor each and every bite.  Then I will be finished..
Check Please!


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