Tri Signs of Three

With less than a week before IMLP I can already feel my outbound communication beginning to shut down and the internal mind to self-chat channels starting to buzz. I Lakeplacid swimget quiet and observe more when I’m under stress but my mind races away at full steam. To help guide my internal dialogue I’ve had what I refer to as “The Talk” which is the pre-race game plan from Coach Sue.

If you boil down all my nervous questioning, she basically said

three things; (1) trust yourself, (2) trust your training (you have done the work), and (3) stick to the plan.

Lakeplacid images2

Of course, that didn’t stop me from desperately pushing for a little coach magic, something special, a tri-mantra or a can of secret sauce to help with my race day. I joking mentioned a series of strange events all in multiples of three that I feel are some sort of sign for me. I explained that I have no clue what they mean but…… they have been happening all week and began to share how these events were buzzing around in my mind. Without blinking an eye she shot back an answer that I will now use to inspire me on race day from start to finish. (tell ya at the end)

Three Ducks, At about a half mile into my swim I noticed three ducks pacing me just off to my right side no more than four or five feet away.  They startled me because I’m not used to having companions at 5 AM in the middle of the lake.  I stopped to look around and the ducks stopped also.  For a brief moment we swam in place and look at each other as if to say.. Nice day for a swim huh?  I secretly was thinking “this really is cool” but “I hope they are not pooping in the water a lot around here”.

I swam on thinking I’d leave my swim buddies but, to my surprise they mirrored along for about a quarter mile them cut back to the shoreline.  Quiet and cool…

Lake Victoria, Bukakata Ferry Pier

Three Turkeys, Plum Island has a Federal Wildlife Reservation as part of it, called the Parker river Reservation.  I bike there often because the roads are scenic, flat and fast without a stich of traffic except for the bird watchers (average speed for them is 3-5 miles per Hr.). This week there were three turkeys blocking the roadway.  Now ordinarily I’d whistle, snap my break levers and generally make noise to shoo the birds away.  But the males have been chasing the females around the reservation all week and from what I could tell not getting very far in the love connection department.  This as you can imaging makes for a pretty cranky set of lovers and an even bigger set of love triangles.  So I chose to cruise slowly, calmly on my merry way.
Quiet and cool….

turkeysThree Swans and Three Boats….So I think your getting the message..  All week long I have been seeing and interaction with a series of three things..  Three Swans in the overlook 3BoatAfloat peacefully as I roll on by.  Three wooden Amesbury Dories, tethered together floating in the still waters of the Merrimac River alongside Lowell’s Boat House.  All beautiful, quietly coolswans

So you can see why I started be curious about these groups of three…  What did they mean?  Is it some sort of message for me…should I be playing the Lottery…3, 3, 3, 3 or 333 etc…  When I mentioned it jokingly to Coach she didn’t hesitate offer the meaning…  Can’t you see it ???   It’s Tri Baby!!!  Tri-athlon….  The Greeks and the Roman would look on these as very positive signs of Good Fortune…

Well when your looking for anything positive to hang on to for motivation….you take whatever bet comes your way…  So, I take these Tri Signs of Three and raise you one..      One (slightly superstitious) but motivated Triathlete!


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