Post Placid Blues – It’s a feelling

bluesmtsOK it’s over….  My big (spent all year training and thinking about it) goal race is done. I’ve trained like never before and and as a result I was blessed to race well, but now I’m flat…..I’m suffering from the post race blues…  meaning I have no sense of direction, purpose or mission and am already missing the 4AM wake … which seems as crazy as it sounds…

I guess I could do any of the following:

    • Take some time for myself….AKA catch up on the thousands of chores around the house I have been avoiding…mulch pile in the driveway, grass, clean the garage etc..
    • Find a new race to shoot for..  everything short of Ironman now seems like a walk in the park…
    • Take time to write up a race recap…this I will do but I want to take time to do it right.  This event has so many dimensions to it that a rush job would not do it justice.  Just the thank you’s alone will take me days to craft.
    • Run, Bike and Swim Free……. Take the pressure off and chill through the workouts without the pressure to push harder, longer and faster…Yes this I will do…but I don’t want to see my current fitness level seep away while I am in this state…There is a pressure that comes from within to maintain….
    • Gain some weight.
    • … Those 20 pounds that I shed alone the coastal route through NH and Maine are waiting patiently to meet me again I know…  I must admit that other than looking like the thin man…I did enjoy the ability to glide easy up the many hills without the added weight..  even in the water gliding quick and easy…feeling power with each stroke with a sense that I could hold and pull the water like an oar.


BB King wrote  Blues is a natural fact, is something that a fellow lives.  If you don’t live it you don’t have it.”   I have and I’m living it …..I’m a post race Blues Man that knows that this feeling is for me, part of living a life worth living…I’m blessed to have the family, friends and health that enables me to feel this way… it only makes the thrill of victory more intense and gratifying…  I think I’ll finally name my bike …. what about calling her Lucille? Cervelo S5


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