Fighting Bulldogs – It’s about Sportsmanship!

Tri2_IMG_1742In 2007 a rag tag group of Marines took on a challenge to form a run, bike, boat relay team and compete in the NY Great Race Series in Auburn NY.  The original’s were Steve Hathaway, Mike Paquette, (boat) Don Ferguson (runner) and Dave Orlowski (bike).  Our goal was inspire our competitive juices and jump from the bar stool to the starting line.  Feeling pretty froggy we had hopes that we could score a position on the winners podium.  In reality it would be several years later for any of us to even be close to taking a seat near the table in any of the categories.  The important goal for was not necessarily to come home with a win but more to spark a spirit of competition among us that would rekindle and sustain our physical fitness regimens.  During the bike leg Dave Orlowski demonstrated  this chainspirit by sacrificing his lead advantage when he stopped mid race and assist Trish Gutchess a fellow competitor fix her bike chain.  In the final analysis this selfless act enabled Team Gutchess/Mulhern to beat our team the Fighting Bulldogs in the overall ranking.  As proof that this is truly a smallfighting bulldogsV2 world from 2007 fast forward to this past week in 2015 that same competitor and the Fighting Bulldogs reunited by chance in the lobby of our hotel during the lake Placid Ironman stay. Trish remember Dave’s kindness and has bonded with us as an honorary Bulldog (another link in our chain, please excuse the pun) .  I continued to learn much about the foundations of sportsmanship from each of the Bulldogs…which has resulted in bonds with some outstanding athletes through the world. This has proven to be more enjoyable and longer lasting than any 1st place victory.  Go Fighting Bulldogs.. see you in October 2015 at the Marine Corps 10K.



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