DonFergusonIronmanFinishWhat if we could feel like we do at the finish of an Ironman everyday?

We could carry that amazing feeling with all day long no matter where every we went.  Hear the cheer of the crowd, meet amazing people while we swim, bike run in some of the most beautiful places….

As we pass our family and coaches, friends standing by to support us we’d high five them along the way…

Our fitness would remain at peak performance levels and our psychological readiness at the razors edge.  I kinda get what the 50/50 Cowboy was thinking to some degree..

I’m deciding at least for the next few weeks to declare Ironman Days for myself…everyday and ride this feeling for as long as it lasts…. or until my arms get tired of holding them above my head in a sign of victory pose…. people who know me will understand… Today I am an Ironman!  Thanks Mike Reilly!


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