TriTime: A 4:00 AM Start

4amclockThere is something about 4:00 AM that is special for Triathletes. It’s that perfect moment in the day when all things seem possible. It takes a daily demonstration of courage to wake, rollout and motor forward. Joggers, walkers and marathoners have 5:00 AM which has its own ambiance but does not hold special Mystic that 4 AM has…and it is way too close to “time to wake up and go to work time”.. I’m talking about a newburyportdowntowntime when you own your town and can run literally down the yellow line of Main Street USA with reckless abandon. When you feel like you are the only resident or sole survivor even though the night lights are burning. Life at 4:00 AM is just better, the air is cleaner, and the smells are sweeter and a maudsleybridgesoothing rain and or a silent snowing are always welcome. If you’re a lucky enough to be a 4:00 AM aficionado, devotee, disciple, enthusiast, you know that this is your best training start time. If you want to rule the day, have an awesome training experience and ensure that you get in the load of work that you need to get done…come over to the 4 AM dark side of the morning.. There is nothing better than running from the darkness and into the light of the day..


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