You Know your a TRI-Borg when… when your Electronic Devices do more talking than you do.

The other day someone asked ….what do you listen to on long run or ride days?.. my reply, nothing… Nothing …??? he said, “I could never do more than an hour without some tunes, podcasts, audio books or something to break the boredom” …

This got me thinking… what the hell do I do out there?? And why don’t I have the desire for distraction? I have the technology… as a matter of fact I have enough technology to be a Cyborg..or in this case a TRI-Borg…

Cyborg1What is a Tri-Borg ? A quick description of a Tri-Borg could be a Triathlete with both organic and mechatronic parts. I’m not talking about the Matrix, Terminator, or XMen here I’m talking about athletes who have extended themselves from organic beings into tencho-triathletes. Think about it for a second…

  • We store data organically in our brains..we extend out data storage capacity beyond the brain to out watches, training software (Training Peaks, Garmin garmin920xtConnect, Strava, etc.), phones and bike computers
  • We swim organically, but we extend our swim capacity using floatation assisted wet suits and measure our swims with watches that tell us the number of strokes , cadence, speed, distance, route, temp etc..
  • Our bikes are designed as extensions of our bodies, aero helmets are extensions of our head / neck and clip on pedals are adaptations for our feet.
  • Running can’t be any more organic to us…but we assist our runs with HR monitors, that connect to our watches that tell us, time, distance route, elevation, temp, etc…etc… ect.. And if it wasn’t connected enough it syncs with our cell phones to report all this data to our computers and social network..

So what is the point??? … Let’s face it we are Tri-Borgs… We are connected humans to the network…. Technology is a part of our Triathlon experience. The feedback of the cyborg2information it provides contributes to the science of the sport. The more you gather the more you want it…data on our performance is broadcast all over the web… Try logging into someday and run a query on yourself to see how much race data there is out there… I was able to find a race I ran in 1979…and when it doesn’t work it becomes a pain point, a disappointment and a huge distraction…  Unless…

Unless…. you remember to disconnect once in a while, strip off the aids…Get Organic…Run Bike and Swim without the tools… Make your path into the Silence… I’m not suggesting that you tune out..I am actually suggesting you tune into your most important asset yourself.. informationIt sounds crazy but while working your way down the path to Silence the organic noise gets pronounced… breathing, general awareness, heart rate, and internal messaging. Now that the season is winding down try overriding the Techno TRI-Borg ….and see if you can still generate organic power..


3 thoughts on “You Know your a TRI-Borg when… when your Electronic Devices do more talking than you do.

  1. Love this. I snickered to myself because you neglected to mention the beloved footpod for the run. Ha! I also listen to nothing but am a gadget junkie and I adore my power meter. Sad but true. I love that baby. But honestly, I hope to get some naked runs in this fall and winter. I think it would be a really good thing for me to just listen to my own rhythm and enjoy the moment! Thanks for this.


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