Advice from Leonardo Di Vinci

7023984553_2bca2972fb_oImagine for a minute if Leonardo Di Vinci was your Tri coach / advisor………….What words of wisdom might he offer? Would they apply to us today and especially to a sport that did not even exist in his day?


Here are a few quotes Leo offered for us to think about.  Get out there and make it happen…good…keep your moods in check…that works..get some sleep and stayLeonardo-Da-Vinci-Health-Tips-Michael-Gelb-782x1024 warm..ok I need to get back on track there…exercise…don’t pig out just cause you can and eat a light dimmer and a big breakfast…fits for my liking there…watch your head on the dining room chandelier…nope that’s kind of obvious…belly and the head thing I don’t get…wine mixed with water…  I always forget to chill my wine so ice cubes in my wine works for me…eat simple that’s a good one…Chinese food killed me last night and again for lunch today…chew well…my wife would add with your mouth close PLEASE!@!!   Go to the toilet regularly…Now that is something that works best while singing that old Renaissance diddy “Press that button, pull that chain, out comes a chocolate choo choo train”!!  I wonder if Leo knew that gem of a quote?


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