Lights! Frontal Cortex! Action! –

Have you ever wondered what turns on that positive light bulb in your head? lightbulb
You know that idea that motivates you to tears and pushes you forward when you thought there was nothing left in the can.  Well those thoughts, idea, visions and inspirations happen in the front part of the brain.  The frontal lobe is highly developed in humans and plays a big role in our emotional and behavioral functioning.  In frontalplain terms it’s like an emotional flight or experience simulator. Cognitive ideas get a pre-screening in this part of the brain box whether they are good, bad, happy or sad.  Negative thoughts like…I’m too old, I can’t swim, can’t ride a bike, I have flat feet, bad knees, trick back, ankle issues… are all prescreened in the frontal lobe… This is coincidentally the same place that plays out ..This is a piece of cake, I know I can, if he can so can I, look at me baby!!…  same place just different scripting..

We even have the option to do a remake of life events when it suits us or when we need to alter reality in order to cope with it better. I produced a simulation mind moviereel for LPIM that had me absolutely loving hills, the higher the better which I played all through Lake Placid…the dialogue in my head spoke all about the advantage old guys have over younger athletes because they were so much better at taking on hills…I reasoned that since “I am already over the hill”…. I can pick up speed on the downside…and I did.    That’s the beauty of taking over creative license of your internal experience and not letting others write, produce or make your story.  You get to make your own reality!

So why is this important to understand? I guess it explains more specifically where powerful ideas come from.  I used to marvel at the inspirational people I have met during in my lifetime.  I’d envy at the positive power of their minds and the endless spirit within their souls…I’d wonder about the sources if their inspiration….and question how each of them came to such a deep capacity for life, love and happiness….or the ability to script a reality that enabled them to survive extremely painful circumstances.

If we understand that we possess the ability to script our experiences, positive and negatively then we can opt to use whatever creative license we wish to enable our desired outcome.   Be your own producer…play fabulous full length personal documentaries in your head.. Be your own director, producer and super star…  directorsThen ease back, grab some buttered popcorn and enjoy the show!  I’d recommend editing out the dancing hotdog, ketchup and soft drink intermission scenes…  life is too short for intermissions…get on with the show!


3 thoughts on “Lights! Frontal Cortex! Action! –

    1. Thanks Jess…I’ve already written a headline for your next mind play….

      ITU Aged Grouper Jess Malionek sets new Ironman Kona woman’s record… reports calling Jess the next Chrissie Wellington!!! …. I tend to go big or go home when I script.

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