Beyond the cubical, on an Autumn afternnon

autumn2Autumn lunch break bike rides in New England are a feast for the eyes, that nourish the soul.  The buzz of the gears and the mashing of the pedals break the spell these country roads casts on each and every beholder.  Today I had the good fortune to ride with the “Boys” and collectively we basked in the glory of a day that despite what anyone may say was better than all others…       Warm temperature, crisp light, peak color and abundant sounds of nature pushed us forward along the rolling boarder pathways of rural New Hampshire and Massachusetts.  These are the days my friends, yes these are the glory days that as old men, we’ll remember fondly and look back with a smile.  We rode as if to quickly get it all in,  before it come to an end…we pushed up each hill and dogged the downhills….It will not end as the winter sets…  I will remember our day…and I thank you for that…


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