To be the Old Man…or the Iron Lady,

The “Old Man or Iron Lady” or the “Seasoned Veteran” as I prefer to be called refers to someone who has been in the game long enough to have experienced just about everything that could happen.   He / She could be that person who is less likely to make mistakes when the stakes are high or who has figured out a method that brings just the right amount of heat to push through to victory.   For instance, it’s the seasoned Vet that knows how to turn a serious training plan into a habit. They know that it is “time on the legs” vs short bursts of intensity that Harriet-Andersongive the greatest return on investment. They are the “if he/she can do it, then anyone can” example.. that less seasoned athletes use as inspiration. They know there is no secret sauce…just hard work and dedication.  A prime example of this person is 78 year old Harriet Anderson the oldest female finisher.  She completed 21 Ironman Triathlons since the age of 53.  She wins her age division each time.  In 2013, no one else could match her “Wonder Woman” power to cross the finish line—first in her age group.

Another example is Diana Nyad who at 64 became the first to swim the 110.86 miles from Cuba to Florida, something she had failed at when she wasNyad as a world champion, in my mid-20s.  Listed below was taken fro  Diana Nyad‘s memoir “Find a Way”.  We baby boomers are lucky. The concepts of middle age and old age are sliding upward. We are feeling feisty at 50 and 60 and 70.  These days we can reinvent ourselves. We can embrace our “second acts” and be more successful, more spirited, more equipped in all ways, big and small, than we were the first time around.  They say age is a state of mind. Age is, of course, a state of body as well. It is up to each of us to live bold, vital days, free from subjugation to the mass, limited interpretations of our respective ages.  What defines my age — my strengths and weaknesses — I insist be left to my own reckoning. ……………Diana Nyad

Each early morning as I set out on a run, swim or bike I know others are watching.  I know it’s my turn at the helm ….and my role is to lead the way…to inspire and be the example… and when I’m gone I hope you will remember to take your turn as the “Seasoned Veteran”. 


3 thoughts on “To be the Old Man…or the Iron Lady,”

    1. Since I missed your last response, I figured I’d better go hunting to see if you had more. And you do!

      I’m impressed that you signed up for a full on schedule. I wait. I dabble. I think and then I usually sign up at the stroke of midnight before the slots run out.

      I like that you plan. I could learn from you!


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