When Eagles Soar and Bulldogs Growl


Today I celebrated the Marine Corps 240th birthday at zero dark hundred with an early morning run. As I moved along the coastline in the dark I thought about my brother Marines and our connection to three main symbols: the Eagle, the Globe and the Anchor. As Marines we know that the Eagle represents the country we defend.  Our eyes are on the coastline and our Eaglewings are in motion. The Globe represents our worldwide presence and the anchor represents our ties to the Navy and their access any coastline in the world.  These symbols adorn the Marine Corps flag which is gold on a scarlet background. From the eagle’s beak a ribbon bears the motto “”Semper Fidelis,” and the words “United States Marine Corps” are found on the scroll below.

Scarlet and gold were established as the official colors of the Corps. Today the morning sky is painted in brilliant hues of scarlet and gold in honor of present and chestypast Marines.   This is a gift for us who break the dusk, greet the dawn and growl our way down the road.  Roll up and roll out … Semper Fi  


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