A Positive Habit Pattern

Some years ago I developed a habit of saying “Good Morning”  to just good morningabout everyone I pass on my morning bike and run sessions.  I’m always pleasantly surprised when I actually get a response.  Lately, I have even tried to squeak out a smile if I can because I have noticed runners never do a lot of smiling as a group during runs.  In general I don’t get a lot of responses but every once in a while I do get a big smile and a cheery reply that lifts my spirits.  Either way I have continued to do it and it has become part of what I call a positive habit pattern.


For instance this morning my run was cold, dark and I was tired from the prior days swim / bike brick sessions.  My 1st thought as I set out on the road was, It would have been nice to stay snuggled in bed this morning…  but I’m glad I pushed myself out today and stayed on plan.  I started out a runnerlittle stiff from the day before and thought to myself, I’m tired and my legs feel like cement ….but reasoned ….. Well its time on the legs that will help out on the long races I have planned.  As I made my way back home against the wind I remember thinking ….Its cold this morning…..but then thought… I Like it much better than the sweltering heat though… and it’s not so bad really , that shower is going to feel really great when I get home… Yah Buddy!


Developing a well-tuned Positive Habit Pattern Response to negative and or challenging circumstances is important for Triathletes to practice.  The zig2thoughts we put in our mind …..end up as responses to the challenges we face.  The material we choose to read, listen to or watch has a huge impact on our arsenal for defeating negative thoughts / responses.  I’ve hear it said that…. you can’t sink a boat if the water can’t get in…In some respects it’s the same with negative thoughts and emotion… if you don’t draw them in they can’t sink you…

If you are looking to practice a little Positive Habit Pattern….try this response the next time someone says…”Hey How Ya Doin”…  Be prepared with a positive reply (like Supa, Awesome, Terrific, Fergalicious)  which will  activate the positive pump jets in your head.  You will notice that you are directing your attitude in a positive direction.  Now ….I know some will ask…well what if I don’t feel Fergalicious?


Even if you have to use your fingers to move your lips to say it… say it and your mind will think it so…  Oh BTW this works for “Good Morning” responses to early morning runners like me….



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