Wait what just happened?

Sometimes during a workout we see something that totally changes our perception.  Like cresting the ridge on a mountain road to witness a breathtaking view…where minutes


before your thighs were burning and your chest was pounding as you labored towards the summit.  In an instant you switched from I’ve had enough of this place! You then start your descent soar down the backside, wind in your face and feeling the free speed and you think… I can’t get enough of this place.

Sometimes we feel the perception change.  Easing into the pool at 5:30 am ….cold as an ice bath, we slither in and eke out the words I ya yay a ya ya… or  whoo whoo whoo….until we slip beneath the water in total immersion.  Then as our bodies move swimand the muscles warm we start that glide…that surface glide that feels like flight.. weightless on the water’s surface.. the water cuts your face in half and then it happens… the feeling changes from it is early, cold and wet … into I’m glad I here, it is warm and comfortable and I’m flying…

Sometimes we think what just happened? … Why was that so pleasurable? And then you begin to notice that it is happening during most every workout… Stepping out fohighlighterr a run on a cold winter morning warning flashers on …dressed like a highlighter …sending smoke signal with every breath.. your thinking OMG what is wrong with me?  Then just like every day before it you see the new day sunrise coming up to greet all the early morning run zombies… its beautiful without any mistakes in it… and you smile! It transforms you and your perception…

… A change in perception reflects a change in you…. It reflects how you experience your day… Take notice of things that change your perception…  and you.


One thought on “Perception

  1. Ahhh … So ironic to read this today of all days, Don. Where all week I’ve been tired and weary and fatigued. But I show up and push and my perception does change. Over and over again.

    I had planned to try to write about it. Maybe I still will … but in addition to my happy heart in finding this post, I was also happily thinking of you while I rode in the trainer today — of our second training camp loop at Lake Placid. Where my perception of myself as a rider and of that course was permenantly changed forever. That day I found the fun and joy and exhilaration in working hard. The beauty of it all.

    I go back to that place almost every ride. I’m always thankful for that day with you. XO


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