When life trumps your training schedule

All last year I struggled with maintaining a schedule when more important priorities take precedence over my triathlon training.  I had many discussions with my coach about ways to balance the stresses of everyday life with that weary change3tired feeling from training.  I found myself apologizing over and over again for not keeping up, measuring up and over-compensating for what I’d missed by doubling up.  Coach would say “Let it go” “Move on” “Focus on what we have ahead”. As humans we have responsibilities and people in our lives that need attending to constantly….When you add the stress from our jobs or major life events it can be overwhelming.

Making any sort of serious gains in our fitness is almost impossible until the overwhelming stresses get lower and more manageable. Use high stress periods to build a foundation needed for pushing to the next level when life levels out.  Be kind to yourself…..Embrace the changes life makes to your training schedule…These lessons will be valuable during race day when things don’t goes according to plan.

Life 1


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