Vulnerabilities & Strengths


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This is one of the scenes from the Boston Marathon Bombing three years ago.  Growing up in the area I guess has influence me to become a life long runner..   Even as a middle school-er I can remember running bridge to bridge along the Charles, before school past Harvard, MIT and BU.  Running has always been a part of me …  Yet the Boston Marathon has never been on my bucket list probably because I never felt strong enough.  It is humbling to witness the strength and perseverance of athletes that run Boston, who can watch the story of Rick and Dicky Hoyt with out balling like a newborn.    teamhoyt

So, on April 15th 2013 I decided to get a closer look at the Boston Marathon to try and find some Boston mojo  … I also wanted to visit my favorite running store Marathon Sports which is right at the finish line, to pick up a new pair of running shoes.  Additionally,  I’d hoped my daughter Izzy (a budding running) would experience the intensity of this event and want to run it with me some day…  So my wife Abby, Izzy and I set out for Marathon Sports at 671 Boylston Street, which has been there, yards from the marathon finish line, since 2001. (The storefront  in the bombing aftermath is shown in the Reuters photo above.)  

We took the train into Boston and made a pass through Fanuiel Hall for some lunch and sweets…then on to the Common through Boston Gardens and into a mass of humanity..  My hopes of planting a seed of race inspiration within my daughters soul quickly crumbled as she look around at zombie apocalypse of post race runners… She grabbed my arm and moved closer as we wheeled our way among the tired, limping and gass-less masses..and the started to whine that all our kids moan when they have had enough of this parent sponsored “fun day” event.  “I don’t like this I want to go home now!”

It was about this time that I began to get those whaaadah-ya wanna do now looks from Abby.  “But, we are only two blocks from the store and finish line???”  Even as I spoke those words I knew we were done for the day and needed to be making our way back home… I thought to myself..”what the hell I won’t get any peace while I try on my running shoes so I should just bag it”..  A man needs time to try on his running shoes…everyone knows that…even though I have been wearing the same shoes (Nike Volmero) for over 7 years…who knows I might need some time to think it over… So we bag it and head back towards the train station…As we made our way down two blocks through the crowd in the same amount of time as it would have taken us to be in Marathon sports ….the 1st blast went off…What the hell was that???  I said trying to clam things..sounds like a generator blew..knowing better to myself… we walked another block and the 2nd blast went off…That’s no generator…Let’s get moving…

My 1st thought was to get Abby and Izzy to safety quickly.  I felt vulnerable knowing my wife and child were in a danger zone…I knew I needed to get them away from the area  quickly.  Police cars started to scream towards Boylston and we knew something was very wrong…We beat feet to the train station and caught the last train out as things started to get contained around the city… On the way home we started to get news reports about the bombing…My heart and soul are still sick as I remember that day and how close we were to the epicenter… Thank God for whiny daughters, I know now they can be life savers.

Freud said out of vulnerabilities will come strength.  Sigmund-Freud-Quotes-2
I will figure a way into the Boston Marathon and ramble my way to the finish line…My hope is to have a daughter along and maybe even my wife Abby….  The bombings made me feel vulnerable and from that feeling I drew strength for Boston… It is now on my Bucket List…









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