Mother Nature is listening….


Be careful what you say about the day, Mother Nature might be listening

This morning started out cold, dark and rainy …. Not the kind of day I was hoping for but, then again this is a typical spring in New England …   Days like these are perfect pool workout days.  So I’m off to the Y, tired, half asleep and cranky.   I began waking at 5:30AM as I slithered into a pool lane.  Many laps into my routine I began to really appreciate having “a pool day” and a break from the bike and running I done over the last few days.
I almost felt glad it was a crappy day outside… The pool is warm and I feel protected from the elements outside. It’s a happy day!

Part of my pool day routine is to fuel up the car at the High Street gas station on the way home. It’s an old school gas station where they pump your gas and clean your windshield too…  The early morning gas station guy is an old Down East fisherman.  If you asked him for directions to anywhere he has never heard of he’ll say “well, ya can’t get there from heeeeeah”.  Down East is a New England geographical term that refers to the coast of Maine from Penobscot Bay to the Canadian border.

He and I generally chat about the weather, sports or politics while fueling… I have come to enjoy his old salt point of view and pearls of wisdom… I started the ball rolling with a question… “What the hell happened to our spring?” “Mother Nature is not being very nice this year.”      Well, he said ….could have Midwest’s tornados or snow like in Vermont …ya know… I guess you’re rignatureht there; maybe I should keep quite before Mother Nature hears me complaining…  Yup he said, best not mess with her..  Think of Mother Nature like a mom…he said… She makes some beautiful things.. but it’s up to us to do something with them… That’ll be faughty six oh fowah…



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