Surrounded by beautiful women.

newmoonIn a man’s world of honors there are not many titles that can beat “Dad”… until you get a field promotion to the rank of Grampa. I now have my third star promotion to Grampa-Don same pay as before, but I get to work remote.

Many guys brag about the tough things they have done… Marathoner, Triathlete, Special Forces or even Marine … but my best tough guy brag line has always been “I’m the father of five daughters”. I generally get a “whoa…. five daughters really???” like that in itself equals riding over Niagara Falls in a wooden barrel. Well, its not stopping there my daughters have given me three beautiful grand daughters… and I have a beautiful wife…I’m completely surrounded by beautiful women!

I do sometimes get “the look”…. And I know that look means they’re thinking to themselves…ya …he looks like a man surrounded by women (old, broken, balding, blankly staring into space). Some have said, “I have one and let me tell ya… that’s enough.” Almost as if they are doing some kind of parental mental math that equates the stress of parenting girls to the number of sleepless hours it takes to get one into maintenance mode. Maintenance mode for me is the moment when you are no longer the primary target of your daughter’s endless scrutiny. Because whether you believe it or not everything you do and say or not say or do is being recorded for eternity. Fathers are measured constantly as their daughters try to estimate what a good Dad should or should not be. I believe it’s the measure of what they want or don’t want in their soul mates.

If you want to know, what someone has to do to be forever surrounded by beautiful women??

Yellow moonWell here is the secret…. As you know, the moon changes its shape everyday. A new moon is the beginning of its cycle and is the best day to wish for something important. So, the next time there is a new moon step outside, look up and say out loud “I wish I could be a better man”. . Now, I know your thinking what the hell does being a better man have to do with being surround by beautiful women?? Well here is the connection…studies show that men can’t resist being nicer, more generous and better behaved in the presence of beautiful woman. What happens when any woman applies lipstick, some eye color or a nice outfit? Poof!!! A guy turns into an instant Romeo…   So if you wish to be a better man …and put it as your top wish… you just might be lucky like me and always be surrounded by beautiful women… That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


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