For me..Its about the Cake

We learn things growing up that stick with us into our adulthood. I grew up in a house full of boys who loved to eat…. We ate a lot and often.  Financially I don’t know to this day, how a single mother ever managed to afford feeding five growing boys.  Spaghetti-with-Vegetable-and-Meat-SauceShe cooked large quantities of simple foods (like; Spaghetti in a huge pot with meatballs the size of cannon balls with enough garlic in each round to knock out a vampire at 50 yards.  All tasted wonderfully delicious and especially, my favorite was her Chocolate “Welly Cake”.  The fancy name came from the Welfare flour and sugar she bartered for and used to bake the cakes.

Welly_CakeCakes hot out of the oven need time to cool before applying the frosting… Ours never ever made it that long, I grew to love hot welly cake without the frosting….With a full glass of cold milk, we are talking pleasure in a pan….frosting was only for show in my book.  And that’s what I learned back then…it not about the frosting, it’s about the cake.

Every year I schedule a series of races as milestones that drive my training schedule. More often than not, I experience an emotional letdown after finishing these races.   For a while I began to wonder if I really even liked Triathlon racing.  I knew I enjoyed the training routine but I never seemed to get that extreme “thrill of victory” at race finish like athletes on the Wide World of Sports.  One thing I do get somewhere in the last few miles of almost every race is a rush knowing I’m going to finish…Last year during my 1st full Ironman, in the last few miles of the marathon I felt a rush of adrenalin welling up inside….I spoke out loud to myself.. today!  You are going to finish this thing..  To bake this race took a great coach  and a patient family and loving wife, plus 150 miles of swimming, 1,094 miles of running and 3,720 miles of biking. The cake at that point was hot out of the oven… and I enjoy that part of the race with every cold drink I could get my hands on…in the game, moving forward surrounded by highly motivated, truly amazing people.  Crossing the finish line was the icing and don’t get me wrong it was a wonderful moment… But for me life is still about the cake.


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