I’m in the Hot Seat (updated)


I’m in a tailspin, off the rails, unfocused and lack significant motivation….. I was supposed to be racing my season opener this past weekend however, when I showed up for early packet pickup I found that I wasn’t even registered…What? Hold on, you are kidding right???   You don’t have my name down? WTF! Hold on let me check my credit card, email, call my wife etc. …

Well they were right I messed up the on-line race entry application and like a knucklehead I failed to complete the final submit step after receiving the review charges page. Totally my bust!

I feel like I have lost my motivation!

Runs that used to renew me are feeling like work, and the thrill of getting up and out early seems to have cooled.  I’ve tried a day of rest here and there…and then tried double sessions as a change but I just need to create new motivation for myself.   Something that scares the hell out of me….and I need to crush it.

I have a race planned in a few weeks but..  It doesn’t scare me…at all… which is the place I have been trying to get to for years to reduce that paralyzing tension that used to make me dysfunctional.. so I made it finally and now I don’t like this new relaxed feeling either… I feel like the kid with a huge steaming lobabyCipolaad in his diaper and then gets strapped back in the car seat for the ride back home. It is a warm and comfortable place at 1st but it is also a sticky mess to be in…

So how do I get myself back on track??? More importantly where to I find my mojo? I don’t want to just cruise on the road I want to be a Fer(g)rari … I want my shoulders, legs and lungs to feel the burn… I don’t know the real reason I’m in this hole…and how to climb back out.

If anyone has a suggestion to help me out of the car seat, before bad things start growing…I’d appreciate it…



Post Blog Update 6/22/2016

This is my reset plan to get back on track:

  1. trainingpeakssnipSchedule Plan Preparation Build a training plan every week in advance

    Sunday is planning day for the oncoming week. This is a must to set the tone for every day.

  2. 4amclockTime Management Set the alarm and get up early

    Rebuild the “get up early habit”. Get to be early at night to get proper rest. STOP watching movies at night in bed.  Habit that result in a healthy lifestyle are the key to success.

  3. gear920xtEquipment Preparation Prepare gear the night before

    Have your bag set up the day/night before.  Make sure Electronics are charged and ready to go.

  4. brainworksMental Preparation

    Podcast selection, video and reading intake should be focused on positive intake…. Garbage in Garbage Out..  Triathlon is a MENTAL GAME and much if not more than an endurance game.



3 thoughts on “I’m in the Hot Seat (updated)”

  1. Ok. So make it painful if you don’t push yourself. Check out pavlok.com. or make it something like if you don’t push yourself you are forced to do add X distance plus another activity. Like a swim and a run. Or a bike and a run. Etc..
    You know you can do it you just need to commit. I know It’s easy for me to say. But you can and will do it. Just make a commitment and then start down the path. If you need to correct. Then modify the routine.


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