Peeing in the shower – Pro or Con

The question is simple enough…it has to do with what you do in the shower. Do you or don’t you? …I’ve wondered what women talk about on a “Ladies night out”… But, I would never have imagined that peeing in the shower would be high on that list, although it seems lapshowerst night this was the topic du jour for my wife and her lady buds….

So when I asked this morning…Hey did you have fun last night? I got as a response…”Hey curious do you pee in the shower?” I was thinking yes, but said no.   what a question???   She always answers a question with a question… Why would you ask me that? Well one of the kids asked his Mom where she stood,  Pro or Con on peeing in the shower… and she responded “There is no PRO on peeing in the shower”!   We’ll little brother, she is wrong and I stand wizzingly with you…

My wife can always tell when I not being 100% truthful so she asked the question a second time but in a little less challenging way. You have never ever pee’d in the shower? Not even once?

I responded a somewhat defensively, OK Yes…maybe after a long workout when I have had a lot to drink, but this of course was not a full disclosure….

P2So here is the full truth… I’m Pro Pee..

  • Not every day… but particularly after a long wintery cold run, where the shower is that glorious end goal…that oasis of hot water that revives a freezer burned body, and helps the blood return to you lower abdominal region (Nads). Once in the shower … ain’t no way I’m getting back, so if I have to go the Flag is up and I’m off to the races…
  • Or that blistering hot workout when your body screams to relax… Cool down and let all systems shut down…. Kind of like a Chernobyl meltdown… where the cooling water flows in and the super-heated flow outward…

These are the situations that I will admit to but, in fact there are more if I felt I needed to make a more solid case for the Pro’s. BTW …..I also pee in my wetsuit on occasion when getting to the port-a-potty is just not an option before or during a race… I know it sounds gross but if feel great and I tell myself it will flush out as I swim along…

And ….last year I was directed by my coach to practice peeing on the bike as I prepared for the 6+ hour Ironman bike leg at Lake Placid last year. Peeing on the bike is not as easy as it sounds. 1st you have to find a separation between you and the athlete behind you. There is nothing worse than having a warm rooster tail spray come at you while you are trying to pass the rider in front of you male or female…. It really gives a new meaning to feeling pissed…

Peeing on the bike is difficult…. you have to initiate the “All Systems Go”  sequence…..which the brain doesn’t understand while you peddling at 90 RPM… So you make the “stretched leg out to the side” move which can be interpreted as leg cramp or a left turn signal…. Truth be told here…. Going downhill with a breeze is the ideal Pee on the Bike move…

So the question is ….as Shakespeare would put it…To pee or not to pee that is the question…

If you ask me … (Beetle song queue’s)  I say Yes…you say No…you say Why…I say I’m just Pro….Ohhhhh



4 thoughts on “Peeing in the shower – Pro or Con

  1. Although I refrain from peeing on the bike, I pee in the water. I was very no pee in the pool, I find that to be disgusting. But I know people that do. As far as the shower, I probably piss in the shower every damn time. lol

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  2. Thank you for your honesty :-).
    I really enjoyed learning about the bike challenge and other info . Do girls pee on the bike too?
    I always talk about you as an amazing roll model for Adam but now I am hasitating to share this article with him :-))
    Lots of useful information !

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