Racking Up Your Race Karma

 Have you ever had that sense that something is not going well and your Spiderman spiderman(Spidey) senses warn you of impending danger?
That’s what it was like  for me on Sunday around mile 33 during the Rev3 Williamsburg Half Iron bike leg.  A group of four riders were jockeying around for position and generally being unsafe when my senses told me to back off and let them roll on.
About a mile or so later I roll round a corner and all four riders are splayed out on the road…and two appear to be in bad shape,  road rash etc….  I stopped to asses the situation and to see if I could help.  It seems one of the riders was making a pass and hit a crater in the middle of the lane taking down himself and the riders behind him. I rode about a block away to the nearest house to call an ambulance.  I spent the next few minutes with a neighbor who helped out by calling 911.  Once I got confirmation that the riders were being attended by another rider and the police were on their way…. I got back on Lucille (my bike) and she and I got back to the race.
My first thought was Dam!!!   I wonder how far I am behind on time…and if I can catch up?  I felt frustrated for having to stop but knew it was the right thing to do. I told myself time and again…  You did the right thing…   Karma will reward you for “Doing The Right Thing”!    The only choice really….  I did catch up….great!!  Feeling the flow…
“Good Karma” describes the cause and effect of “doing the right thing” in life.  I preached it to my daughters and watched as their eyes rolled back in their heads.  “We know Dad, when you do something good or bad it travels all the way around the earth and comes back to you”…. “If you have good Karma your life light will glow and if your Karma is weak your life light gets dim”  We get it…..Always do the right thing.
KarmaSo what is it and what does it mean?  Karma means action, work or deed; it also refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual (cause) influences the future of that individual (effect).
Simple Right? …Good intent and good deed contribute to good karma and future happiness, while bad intent and bad deeds contribute to bad karma and future suffering.
So what does Karma have to do with triathlon?  I just finished Rev3 Williamsburg VA Half Iron 2016 on Sunday and I have to say that my “Good Race Karma” was in full throttle.
RedSkyAMRace day started with a 4:30 AM wake up highlighted by a magnificent red and orange lite sky.  I thought to myself hold on here isn’t it “red sky in morning sailors take warning”?  Well…yes but…I have never been a sailor…. I’m a Marine…Cool …no warning needed….but it got me thinking…Get your Race Karma going …. just in case you need to drawn on it through the day…
I started my Karma build slowly by helping out in the transition (T1) area….sharing my sunscreen, pump, assistance and encouragement with the athletes me….  and I could feel the Karma warming up.
On to the swim….Everyone is nervous before the swim start…anxious about the race, the wave of people and the unknown.  This is a great place to help yourself cut the tension by striking up a conversation with others. It is easy to tell who needs it the most because the terrified ones look like deer in the head lights.   So I do… spreading good Karma to anyone and everyone around me…
Making the decision to stop and support the fallen riders, and use my time earlier in the day to build a good Mojo flow…may have cost me time and effort… but later in the race the Karma I gained saved me on the run and a gifted me with a podium spot.  The run was both hot and humid which quickly lead to a state of dehydration, salt loss and cramping.  I knew I had to find a way to remedy the situation around mile eight if I was to base-performance-base-electrolyte-salt-single-vial-24continue on and finish the half marathon.  As I rolled up to the runner before me I asked if he had any salt with him… Sure   Lick you thumb, cover the tube opening and then lick the salt off your thumb… It worked…Karma and Salt Guy came to my rescue….
I finished tight and stiff but I finished.  I checked the results and I finished under 6 hours which is good for me in that weather.
I took 3rd place in my old age group which is a first podium for me racing in triathlons.  Thanks Karma…Podium

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