Sleep-laughing has a funny name it’s called Hypnogely

In general I don’t remember my dreams very often but last night I remember having a dream and big laugh that really felt good. Typically, dreams that make us laugh are odd, bizarre or even unfunny to the person when they awake but while asleep they seem so hilarious. Nevertheless, my nighttime chuckle fest left me wanting. I woke feeling a desire to laugh more and to try harder to see the humor in the quirky things in life.

OldlaughingMy Dream : Last night I dreamed I was at a newspaper stand in the city looking for a disposable razor and some shave cream. I realize that looking for shaving products at a news stand is strange but what’s even stranger, a woman appeared next to me dressed in a grey business suit ….  except that she also wore a swim cap and googles on her head.

I glanced over to her and sporting a cheeky smile I whispered “a little early for the cap and googles huh?” then I quickly looked away so as not to appear too creepy. I then started to giggle. I continued to search through the disposable razors and travel shave cream items…. What type of razor was I looking for?…certainly not the pink one,  maybe the grey and blue…BTW   I have never seen personal grooming items at a newspaper stand but it my dream right?
After a few seconds I looked back at swim cap lady and noticed she had removed the swim gear from her head…. She looked over and replied nonchalantly “I guess so”

ShakespearI began to giggle even more…and soon could not contain myself…we stood side by side looking into the newspaper racks … then the absurdity of it all set in and she began to laugh…. We stood side by side looking at the newspaper stand roaring, shoulders popping up and down.  You know that kind you get when you say something total stupid. I believe the best word to describe it is mirth.

Mirth is described as amusement, especially as expressed in laughter

Then I woke…  I know it doesn’t seem that funny an episode but it made me laugh and feel that great sense of never wanting it to stop satisfaction.  Life and dreams are funny that way…and laughter can be infectious… Here’s to Hypnogely!Tea



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