Lucille is here….and the world is right again.

IMG_1078What kind of man drives into the garage with his carbon road bike Cervelo S5 strapped in the roof rack…???  I did am I’m so sorry…. sorry Lucille… Everyone knows the best surgeons in the world are in Boston… so I had hope even in my darkest hour.  Dr. Marty and his staff of surgeons at Fit Werx in Peabody Ma. informed me however, that Lucille didn’t make it … you will be missed and always remembered.  We fought many a hill and won… goodbye…you were only a 10 speed…but you rode like an 11..

Dr. Marty understood my pain and reached out to the creator ….Cervelo.  He asked that I be granted mercy for my loss (and stupidity).  He knew I had been a faithful companion….through the heat of summer and the long cold winter rides along the coast.
He asked the Canadian God of speed cycling to grant me one more chance..

My prayers have been answered…. Cervelo granted my wish (with a sweet 30% discount) and Lucille P5 is now ready to roll…  It will take us time to get to know one another…  But I know things will be OK….  This Lucille has some of the old Lucille’s parts….wheels, seat, crank (Yes Lucille has a front crank) pedals, power meter and a few more odds and ends…I am grateful she chose to be an organ donor and that her parts and spirit will live on to ride another day…




4 thoughts on “Lucille is here….and the world is right again.

    1. Life is a mystery…It hands us setbacks and we make decisions about how to move forward or not. I had the choice to stay with what I know (in my comfort zone) or to move into a less familiar space. I am excited …. Thanks for leading the way… The last photo of you on the trainer in front of your backyard doors made me hopeful that someday soon you will be taking in a beautiful fall foliage day ride. Until then I will be your surrogate rider…

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