Superstitions and Maiden Voyages

lucillemaiden1Living in a port town you get too hear  about all about the superstitions that surround a vessels 1st time out to sea. One such superstition is no bananas on board ship???….. I think the rationale behind it has to do with the fact that fermenting bananas can let off a lethal fume; and that spiders who sometimes live in bananas can have a deadly bite …

Another superstition is no women on board…This could be both good luck or bad. On the good side most ships sport a Maiden figurehead on the bow of their ship which is thought to calm a rough sea. So it was thought that having a voluptuous woman on board could mean smooth sailing …on the bad side it’s probably the same rational as the bananas thing… The toilet on a ship is a bucket and …the fumes men conjure could lead a woman to inflict a deadly bite…

Today was Lucille’s maiden voyage over the back country roads of Northern Massachusetts. My senses keenly aware for any signs of impending good or bad

… As we set out it began rain …more of sprinkle…. to be more accurate… I’m thinking this is a blessing kinda like holy water from heaven… unless it pours…. then of course it becomes a baptism… these are both good in my book..

Accompanying me on Lucille’s maiden voyage is Mike (the Machine) Siciliano….
Everyone knows Italian’s have great success with voyages… Christopher Columbus, Amerigo Vespucci and Giovanni da Verrazzano  so how could this not be great…Truth be told Siciliano is very good at directions which I must confess am not… so that’s good too!

lucillemaiden2Another tradition before a maiden voyage is to break a bottle of champagne over a ships bow…if it doesn’t break this is bad… if it does break it means good luck….

After what I put Lucille through over the past two weeks, breaking anything more over her bow was not an option…so I squirt a little water from my plastic water bottle on her bow  …and I think I’m good there..

Off we go…with my Italian guide, a sprinkle blessing from the heavens we set out to test the roads…. Lucille wants to go fast…but I need some time to get used to giving her what she needs… no comments here Abby.  Like a stallion that wants to run… to let go of the reins.. Be patient Lucille .. give me time… the journey awaits us… maiden voyage out and back is a success… The moral of this story is: It doesn’t matter where you voyage…. its who is riding with you….


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