Need to know what to do in the off season? Go with rocket science.

geminiOctober in New England is that part of the season typically my “off season or down time”. From now until after Thanksgiving is the time I go easy and start thinking about next year’s goals. After my last race I decided to use this time to get my run game back. I started out as a runner but seem to be struggling there the most. It feels like the Righteous Brothers singing I’ve lost that Lovin’ feeling….

So…how do I plan on getting my run groove on?  Well I first scoured run journals about coming back from injury, coming back from a long layoff or bad race….but all these articles did not seem to apply …at least not to my situation.

220px-gemini_spacecraftSo I went pure rocket science …and chose Astrology… I know right?     Brilliant!

I gazed into my astrology charts and bingo! The charts told  me that some amazing and ingenious inspiration will come my way this month. I like it!  good timing…

I was also surprised to learn that Gemini (my sign) is considered one of the smartest signs in the zodiac (That doesn’t bode well for the rest of you for sure).  Who Knew!

But it said that the brilliant stuff I come up with right now….today ….will be especially exciting. Wow that’s pressure …can’t wait to start thinking of stuff…

The Sun enters Scorpio on October 22, followed by Mercury entering the same sign on October 24. Ok so what the hell does that mean?  So much for smaaaaart Gemini’s huh?season

The Sun and Mercury in Scorpio will activate the sector of my chart that rules routines and rituals (Aka training behaviors) . This is a fantastic time to reconsider my schedule and to move things around.  As I read on I start to get the Willy’s… what am I getting myself into here???  But I calm down when I get to the part where it says, “Picking up a new wellness routine is a great way to use this energy”.  Phewwwah!

I can’t stop now…this science stuff has a hold of me… Read On…Scorpio is the sign of death and rebirth, so kicking a bad habit is definitely something you should try at this time.   My wife Abby comes to mind right now and her voice is in my head saying…this is the time to stop holding your fork like a shovel and chewing with your mouth full… I’ll work on those honey….Thanks to Scorpio…

mercuryThe month of October closes with a new moon in Scorpio on October 30, so a fresh start around these themes is inevitable. New moons are all about new beginnings.

Also during this new moon, Mercury in Scorpio will connect with Neptune in Pisces. This is a dreamy, imaginative vibe, and it will be very inspiring on the 2017 planning front!

Make wishes today—they will probably come true it says….  Yeah buddy….hear that Abby!Mercury is logical and detail oriented, while Neptune is non-linear and poetic—but they’ll be sharing lots of love today, making this a magical end to my October. I’d love to go into more detail but this science stuff gives me a headache.  See you in November!  By then I hope to have my Gemini head out of Uranus…



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