Life is Change…

The Only Thing Constant in Life is Change…Heraclitus

change-2This is the time of the year when most people join a gym and prepare New Year’s resolutions… the aim is to promote change…. The amazing reality is; change will come anyway…. ready or not.

In fact change is constant. Which makes me wonder what am I going to be like next? I used to believe that when I got older I’d be an older version of myself…cast in concrete so to speak… Although it might feel that way at times, I have found that sentiment far from the truth. The pace of change has slowed in comparison from when I was a teenager…i.e. puberty, pimps, physical appearance, relationships, intellect to a seasoned adult, but change is indeed constant.

So then if we can’t stop change ….can we sculpt the changes? I think we can, if we want to control the outcome, otherwise a change will happen to us anyway and it may not be as desirable.

Here are some key things to consider when sculpting change:

  • Create the Change in your Mind – Don’t wish for the change you want … create it in your mind.. See it so that you know what it looks like… Wishing and wanting change is a passive state, developing an image of the change in your mind is active state.
  • Take Action – Positive thinking is important but it is not helpful without ACTION. An example is: saying to yourself I am going to start working out – positive thoughts right? Taking it to action is…Making that time a priority, schedule it, setting the trainingpeakssnipalarm, setting your gear out the night before and doing it even though you don’t want to….if you fail …press the reset button and get to it the next day. When you string a number of action taken days together you will have created a habit which makes the changes you targeted easier to manage. I’d be the last person to suggest that positive thinking is not effective but, without the action step it is just a lot of happy thoughts… Positive thinking has power when you learn to do something with them.
  • Finding and keeping the joy. This is the most important consideration for sculpting IMG_0334change because doing something you hate is possible, for a little while, but you won’t sustain it for long…because as you know change is constant. If you hate exercise, you’ll never keep up the habit you created for very long. You need to find the joy in doing the activity, and when you do… continue to search because there are endless rewards that create joy. My run this morning started off in 4 inches of new snow. I could have retreated inside to my stationary bike but I chose to embrace the weather. The temp was cold but I took action and dressed warm, the road was slippery but I took caution and slowed my pace…. and was rewarded with a fresh white blanket of snow, that crunched under my feet, and witnessed a beautiful New England snowy landscape, fresh crisp air and a perfect silence….Forget all the other change considerations if you have to but, remember to create …Joy!snowimage

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