2017 is fast upon us and I’m mulling over this blog for the New Year. I think a less preachy approach is in order with a more daily observation kind of focus…hopefully funny ones.

It seems that life’s various stages are circling around me as the year ends….

My older daughters are giving birth to children of their own.  Our youngest is making steady progress from childhood into teen age adolescence.. While my mother and father in-law have entered well into old age.

I’m not really sure where I sit in the life stage continuum but I know my age is nearing the state speed limit ….

I just spent the last few days running through old and new routines to entertain my granddaughters which created flash backs of playing with my own kids. Watching them play with their kids is like looking back to the future.
All in all I am grateful… Life is very good…..

Here’s a toast (sanitized & modified some) for all of you…from something my 95 year old mother said to me…


Don’t go knocking on a broken door….
You’ll not find what you’re looking for….
Fortunes lie in a door hung true
Swinging out with the old in and with the new.



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