New England Patriots – Epic Journey


The New England Patriot’s have won the AFC Division and are on to the Super Bowl.  When you think about it the AFC Lamar Hunt Trophy has a perfect design.  It’s shape is a football frame….but I believe it symbolizes much more than the ball.

The inside of the frame is air.. and depending on your point of view, like the glass expression …the ball could be either half empty or half full.   I think you know where I’m going here, but needless to say full or not it’s still a ball.

The severity of the NFL’s Deflate gate punishment for Tom Brady and the Patriots was one of the harshest rebukes ever even though the league absolved the organization and in particular coach Bill Belichick of any wrongdoing, the league still took first- and fourth-round draft picks from the Patriots and hit them with the biggest team fine in NFL history, $1 million and on top of that banned Brady for four games.  We took aboard free agents no one wanted like Hogan from Buffalo and Floyd from the Cardinals and put them in position to be stars.

Goodell believed that would deliver the knockout punch to a team that doesn’t talk smack, stands in reverence during the nation anthem and only has complimentary things to say about their opponents.  Now we go to the Super Bowl…  where we will stand in strength and fight to win, against a very good team…  and if there are Football God’s, I pray they look down on us and lead us to victory!

This is the classic story of the hero’s who endures the challenges of the crucible and returns in triumph …. A true story fitting of our New England Patriots….  Go Pats!


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