Post Truth Period



lies1Some say that we are in a period where telling lies is as common as telling the truth. 


If we are truthful about it we would agree that all humans lie…some suggest we are pre-disposition to exaggeration, omission and misrepresentation ….  Studies suggest men lie more about themselves and woman tend to lie more to protect or defend others…. Lies come in all flavors….white, bold faced, whiteliesvicious, blatant and even some that sound religious such as heavenly deceptions.

Fake news items surface everyday on TV, over the internet and in our local newspapers which has us wondering if what we are being told is a truth, near truth or an out and out lie.

lies2I believe that truth is a collaborative exercise ……for something to be true to me I have to be willing to believe what I am being told….Note: this doesn’t necessarily make it true but it feels true to me.  So if that is the case for all of us, what do you believe as truth and why??

When the rumors circulated about Lance Armstrong, I chose not to believe what was being said because I liked Lance and admired his achievements.  So I was not as ready as others to believe the reports.  When Bill Clinton spoke to the nation during the Monica Lewinsky scandal I feel betrayed by him, so I chose not to believe a word he was saying… and to this day I don’t believe a word he says.

So what is the point?  I guess knowing we have a part in determining what is true to us … gives us some measure of control over what we will believe. 

If we find ourselves readily believing everything one person, party, news source is reporting then we should examine why… ask ourselves …is this something I want to believe and has it passed our lie detector filters?  Lie detector filters are only useful if the person is in front of you.  Shifty eyes, sweating, twitching, etc., are unreliable in today’s electronic information medium.  So what can we use to decipher the truth???  I think our core values can be our best assets as our truth meter.  Identifying and understanding your values is a challenging and important exercise. Your personal values are a central part of who you are – and who you want to be. By becoming more aware of these important factors in your life, you can use those help you navigate through the sea of untruth we witness every day.  If find yourself getting upset about something in the news that feels untrue, ask yourself what is it about the topic that has pressed your buttons…. What has caused you to not believe what is being reported?  Some of life’s decisions are really about determining what you believe. When many issues seem unreasonable, it’s helpful and comforting to rely on your values – and use them as a strong guiding force to point you towards the truth. 

Believe it or not…the truth often lies within..





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